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Within the european COST action EUSpec MP1306 we would like to invite you to the Hands-on course:

Introduction to the application of ab-initio method in spectroscopy

NTC UWB Pilsen, 23-26.2.2015

organized by Jarmila Savková, Ondřej Šipr and Ján Minár
at the NTC UWB Pilsen, Czech Republic

Course Motivation

The aim of the course is to introduce theoreticians as well as experimentalists to bandstructure methods and their use in calculating various electronic and spectroscopic properties of solids with strong electronic correlations. Especially the calculations of angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES), magneto optical properties and X-ray absorption will be the focus of this course. An introduction to several program packages developed by participants of the COST action will be offered together with practical exercises.

AIMIS15 will cover three different approaches:

Ab-init with emphasis to GW and optics

SPR-KKR with emphasis to DMFT and ARPES

Multiplet approach with emphasis to XAS and Core level PES

Accordingly, there will be lectures dealing with the formal background and technical details of these methods. Emphasis will be put on a description of correlation effects (GW, DMFT, multiplet approaches) supplying the basis for a treatment of various effects in spectroscopy. Six specialized hands-on-sessions will be devoted to learning these methods including their graphical user interface. Last day, we plan an opened session to allow all participants to directly perform calculations of their interests and to have ample time for discussions with all tutors.

Invited Speakers (to be confirmed):

Diana Benea Babes-Bolyai University, Romania
Jürgen Braun LMU Munich, Germany
Hubert Ebert LMU Munich, Germany
Matteo Giantomassi UCL, Belgium
Yanick Gillet UCL, Belgium
Maurits Haverkort MPI Dresden, Germany
Martin Lüders Daresbury Laboratory, UK
Ján Minár LMU Munich, Germany
Gian-Marco Rignanese UCL, Belgium
Michiel van Setten UCL, Belgium
Ondřej Šipr Institute of Physics ASCR, Czechia

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